Marshall Law & Medical Services (HS) Northside Independent School District

Marshall Law & Medical Services (HS) Northside Independent School District

Magnet High School with a focus on: Police, Law, Legal Services (paralegals), Pre-Nursing, Pt,T, Behavioral Health, EMT, & Fire Science, Legal Governance and Public Administration

Marshall Law and Medical Services (9th-12th) is the newest magnet school in Northside ISD, located in San Antonio, Texas. This new and innovative program prepares students to continue their education in either college or prepare them to go straight into the workforce upon graduation from high school.  

Our high school students follow a path of study in one of 3 fields:  Medical Services, Legal Services, or Legal Governance and Public Administration.  In the Medical Services program students have selected one of 4 areas to focus their studies:  Pre-Nursing where they earn their CNA and prepare for the nursing program entrance exam for college, Behavior Health with experience in various mental health settings, Physical Therapy, or the  EMT certification.

Our Law and Legal Services program has opportunities for students to study careers in law enforcement, fire science, attorney, researcher, paralegal or court reporter.  Students are involved in organizations such as; Mock Trials, Police Explorers, and Fire Fighter Explorers along with experiences to enhance current industry expectations.

Legal Governance and Public Administration is an area of study where students observe and participate in local politics, city planning, as well as state and national initiatives. The students have an opportunity to participate in internships exposing the students to realistic experiences in current events.

All students take rigorous course load so that they are well prepared to do well in their future career paths.  All students take pre-ap and AP/Dual Credit courses to prepare for state exams and certifications while still in high school.  The students will also apply their knowledge, via "hands-on" activities and real-world situations to prepare for their chosen career path.  Students have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, mentoring,  conferences, field trips and internships in the area of study they have selected when entering the school in 9th grade.