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Mission: Building partnerships between education and the construction industry to promote and provide pathways to careers in the skilled trades.

iBuild Central Florida is a Florida registered 501c3 nonprofit started in December 2015 that connects the construction industry to the education sector. We have over 400 industry partners within our membership and educational partners from each county we represent. We meet monthly to discuss and stay up to date on iBuild initiatives, issues the industry faces, and any assistance the education sector needs. Our initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Connecting the Classroom – iBuild brings active trade professionals into classrooms to share with students what is currently happening in the field in their local area.  We have found this perspective to be very welcome by educators as well as informative for students, as it introduces them to career opportunities they might not have otherwise considered. 
  • iBuild Carpentry Apprenticeship – This is a four-year apprenticeship program that provides training on the jobsite and two nights of classroom instruction. Upon completion of the program, grant participants will receive their journeyman’s card and have the skills to work in a variety of craft trades.
  • Frank Bracco iBuild Up Grant – The Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Grant is a fund that empowers people to pursue their career in the construction industry. Funds can go to things like purchasing tools/boots, training cost, and more.
  • Trade Instructor Support Group – This is a newly established initiative where we connect (K-12 & Adult) trade instructors from across Central Florida, allowing them to share ideas, resources, and the struggles they may be facing. By overseeing this program we’re able to facilitate trade instructor mentorships, the exchange of lesson plans/curriculum, and ensure each instructor has the materials and community support they need. We plan to put on a event in August that will work not only as an appreciation day but also a day of networking and workshops for the instructors.
  • iBuild Invitational – This is an annual event we host that includes a job fair, various skilled trade competitions (high school and adult categories) taking place throughout the morning, and a "signing" at the end of the event. Local companies can "sign on" job fair attendees and skilled trade competitors by making an offer and hiring them on the spot.

Comprised of various industry leaders and educational representatives, our board consists of an education board member from each county we represent, two subcontractor board members, two general contractor board members, and our executive committee. 

We believe in facing issues head on to make a better future for not only our industry but our community as a whole. You can see that not only through some of the initiatives listed above but through our partnerships with other nonprofits like: The Boys & Girls Club, Junior Achievement, ELEVATE Orlando, and more.

For more information please visit www.ibuildcentralflorida.com